Sunday, September 25, 2011

Serious Commitment for Life's Simple Pleasures

"When I puff for pleasure, I'm not smoking a cigar because my body says I have to, I'm smoking a cigar because I want to." ~ David Savona, Senior Editor, Cigar Aficionado Magazine

I recently witnessed a scene at the local corner store.  I began to walk toward the checkout with the items that I intended to purchase, and a disheveled, hurried woman burst into the store and rushed in front of me.  She wasn't rude, per say, but she definitely drew attention to herself.  She ordered and paid for a pack of cigarettes.  As my turn came to pay, I turned as the woman rushed outside as quickly as she came in.  As I walked out of the store it was just in time to see this lady exhale a cirrus cloud of cigarette smoke with much anticipated relief coming across her face.

I have no cause or justification to judge this lady, but as I have often exclaimed, I find it hard to believe that my passion for cigars has somehow lumped me into the same group as the woman I just described. 

Savona's quote gave me pause, as wise proclamations often do.  It also reminded me of a recent blog entry I read by a fellow aficionado, Nada (aka "CigarGirlFL").  As much as well-made cigars speak for themselves in quality and enjoyment, almost as important is the environment in which they are smoked. 

Subtle nuances and the perfect stage can make a terrible cigar tolerable, a bad cigar not bad, a good cigar great, and an amazing cigar legendary.

No need to break the rules or feel rushed, find
your safe haven and enjoy a great cigar with
some freinds.
While I agree that there is room for argument in the smoking debate and the comparison between cigarettes and cigars I do agree with Savona and Nada. 

Cigars may have the chemical make-up, as many things do, to support an addiction, but cigars are NOT addictive.

Pretty bold statement, huh?

Not really, if you consider as I do.  While I freely admit to having moments where I have declared verbally or consciously, "I could really use a cigar."  That moment is very rarely, if ever, followed by my speeding off to have a cigar.  I don't take cigar breaks at work, nor would I want to.  Few things irk me worse than rushing a cigar and/or being forced to finish quickly.  Most cigar smokers I know behave and believe similarly.

Don't rush the moment.  Savor every second.  Drink in each nuance.  Smoke on my friends and enjoy it because you want to, not because you have to.  After all, there is nothing wrong with knowing you are the best.


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