Sunday, November 14, 2010

An evening with the Rahr Brewery


2929 Morton St, Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Dear Pop's Customers,

Time is growing short for the Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner on Thursday November 18. We still have 10 seats available. Pop's will feature a delicious prime steak dinner accompanied by four Mondavi Reserve Wines. Each of these fine wines is made in the Mondavi Tradition.

The evenings fare is $100.00 per couple plus gratuity and tax. Included are the wines, dinner, a Champagne reception and live entertainment.

PLEASE RSVP TODAY - 817-334-0559
The Godfather of California Wine
Perfection in a bottle

Event Sponsor

For those not attending the Mondavi Wine Dinner Rahr Beer will host a $20.00 cigar and beer pairing.  Noah, from the Rahr Brewery will be here to to talk smoke and beer.  Don't miss this fun for everyone event.  You can take your Rahr Presentation glass home as a gift.

Resident Cigar Expert Bear Duplisea will match cigars with the limited release Winter Warmer now on tap at Pop's. And, when you test drive the Buff Butt. Take the glass home. That's: 2 Beers, 2 Cigars, and Rahr Glass.  ONLY $20!!!

Amber Red:

This brew has a nice light, tan head and caramel nose. The body is filled with a great blend of malt and sweet hops. It is a Vintage and classic-style lager (except it's red), with a crisp smooth finish.

Being paired with:
Partagas no. 6 (thin lonsdale)
- With a great draw, medium body, and smooth-pepper filled flavor, this stogie provides an excellent compliment to the crisp and clean lager. The No. 6 has a plentiful amount of smoke and will make for an excellent cigar experience.

Sancho Panza classico (any size)
- This is a classic cigar, medium body, so it won't overwhelm. It is a box-pressed, hand made smoke with great consistent construction highlighted by solid wood flavorings, pepper and a wonderful non-lingering finish.

For people who want to splurge on their own: La Flor Dominicana Premium Line, Oliva "O" serie, Torano Virtuoso, Ashton Classico; Heritage, or JC NEWMAN Brickhouse.


This beer has a brilliant dark color with cocoa and malty notes on the nose. CLASSIC RAHR light tan head that is solid and fuller-bodied. It has a smooth, sweet mouth feel and crisp ale-like bite to bring home the finish. Great winter brew!
Being paired with:

Esteban Carreras 187
- With this beer you will need cigars that can go pound for pound with the beer, but you do not want to overwhelm it or counter it. This is a nice med-full bodied smoke, with excellent spice and body. Ash does not hold too long, burn is even though and finish will match the Warmer beautifully.

Perdomo Dynamite
- Again, solid med-full smoke with ample spice, but nothing that will overwhelm. Cool smoke is not lush, but will provide a good match with the nice spicy finish.

Splurge: LFD Air bender, LFD Dbl ligero, Ashton VSG, CAO Brazilia, Brickhouse

Come join us, whether your live far or wide.  Don't miss me in action and remember, there is nothing wrong with knowing you are the best.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Cigar: a short reflection of smoke.

"The cigar is the perfect complement to an elegant lifestyle." -George Sand, pseudonym of French writer Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin 

Friends, this may be a concise entry, but believe me when I tell you I spend a lot time reflecting while I smoke.  My father recently asked me what the difference was between smoking a cigarette and smoking a cigar.  The answer to that question is loaded with hours of argument, discussion, research and detail.  Rather than subject him or you to all of it, I have always believed that cigar smoking comes down to one simple great detail: friendship.

As I sit here on a Sunday afternoon at my local cigar lounge, I am surrounded by the reason I took up cigars in the first place.  Cast out in front of me are several tables filled with people all sharing a good smoke on a fine afternoon.  I am the lone gunmen in this crowd, as I am the only person with no present company. 

This is the only time and place that I choose to smoke alone.  I take each Sunday afternoon for myself.  It is an extension of church, a continual time of reflection of my life, the past week, the days ahead, etc. 

But, as I sit here this weekend, a part of this sampling of society's spice rack, I smile.

Everyone is locked in discussion, celebrating life and friendship.

This is why I love cigars.  It brings together a mass array of people for no other purpose but to enjoy one's company. 

Why do I smoke cigars?  This. Now.

I have been accused of being in the moment to a fault, but meant as a complete compliment.  The word apologist has never been used to describe me and probably never will.  The cigar I smoke is a continual celebration of the life I lead, the life I've had and the life that is coming. 

A few moments after this entry will be posted, I will be watching a football game with my brother and dearest friend.  And, you guessed it, we'll be enjoying what will no doubt be a fantastic cigar.

The quality of the smoke is not finite, because of my amazing and snobbish taste, but because of the company that will be kept. 

Few people realize this simple fact: the only bad smoke(s) I've ever and will ever have are in solitary moments.  Note, my use of the word "smoke" in place of "cigar".  Have I had bad cigars with friends?  Oh, you bet.  But, as terrible as the those experiences were to my palate, they can't match the joy I get from the relationships that have been bonded in the ambiance of cigar smoke.

My cigar is not just a symbol of "elegance" or stature, but a beacon of life's most precious treasure.

So, why my cigar? For the moment, I rest my case.

You know how this one ends guys and gals, there is nothing wrong with knowing you are the best.