Monday, April 26, 2010

VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Paradigm makes a splash onto the scene of the cigar world.

I’ve been reading a lot of literature on cigars these days and it seems to me that there is a lot going on in the industry. Many folks have told me that it’s a bad time to get into the industry with all the smoking bans and taxes being implemented. While all this may be true, lately I tend to err on the side of positivity.

For me, there are exciting things going on in the world of cigars. Very soon I suspect it will be possible to purchase Cuban puros legally. If, or, when the borders open, it will allow very successful and prominent tobacco families/companies to get re-acquainted with the lush Cuban soil and product. Can you imagine the blends that will hit the market? The event will truly be an evolution.

However, until then all we can do is wait, be patient and as our friends at Revolution 262 have coined, “Smoke the Revolution!”

The selected cigar that is being reviewed for this post is of direct result of this blog and the wonder that is the cigar industry. Revolution 262 (known hence forth as 262) was started by 3 stogie enthusiasts in 2009. Yeah, you heard that right, 2009! When I first started smoking and began to flip through the pages of every cigar magazine I could get my hands on, I noticed a lot of the same thing when it came to advertising. “A 100 year tradition”, “A family affair,” and of course, “Making the world’s most premium cigars for over a century,” were just some key phrases I read on nearly every ad.

Tradition is a wonderful thing. And let’s face it; it’s the backbone of society and culture.

However, every once and a while it is good to have, say… a revolution?

Yes, revolutions have driven cultures for centuries and have been the cause and, ultimately, the foundation for some of the world’s greatest things. Government, religion, art, and industry have had several revolutions throughout history that have kept with the pulse of the human race.

Wow! That’s some big talk to introduce a company that just got its roots settled. Well, not to pass the buck, but they started it. Their own website is The motto of the company came from the team’s desire to fight the regulations that are impeding on the personal freedoms of individuals. They even have their own “manifesto,” that is published on their site. These guys are serious, and that takes us to the matter at hand: The Paradigm.

I was actually given my first Paradigm by a recent acquaintance named Ryan. Ryan is a lot like me, works in a cigar shop, enjoys a good smoke, is married, and he’s male. Hey, I said he was an acquaintance, not my soul mate. Ryan and I got to talking about cigars and about my blog. He told me that he had recently joined team 262 (e-mail him at and was their new rep in Texas. And it is with his generosity that I was able to enjoy this smoke and review it for you all.

The Paradigm is 262’s first release and was pushed onto the scene in January of this past year. This cigar combines an unprecedented blend of cubito tobacco, as well as tobacco hailing from four different countries: Columbia, Honduras, Brazil, and Nicaragua. Ryan selected the box pressed toro (6x54) to have me sample.

The Brazilian wrapper was a deep, dark maduro in color with an oily sheen that almost glistened. The stogie sported a foot band, with an emblazed “Smoke the Revolution” logo. The unlit aroma was dominated by earth, oak and some subtle sweet clove. The cold draw was consistent with the pre-light smell, and I was excited to light it up.

The cap came off clean and the cigar took the cool lighting well as it burned nicely. The smoke’s bouquet never overwhelmed, but was amazing from the beginning. A dominance of earth was complemented by nuts, oak, cocoa, and clove.

The first few puffs were consistent, with toasted nuts and clove coming through more prominently with every inch. The draw never did come through for me and I did spend the entire smoke fighting it. However, as disappointing as the draw was, the burn could not have been more perfectly even.

The ash held impressively as it finally fell after almost two inches. The amazing medium body flavor morphed into a complex center and finish of full flavored bliss. Not one to let the draw get me down, I enjoyed every bit of this cigar’s flavor and aroma. The center’s complexity even gave way to a sweet subtle berry that married well with some spice and the continued clove.

The finish was a triumph for me. With all that flavor and fragrance, the finish was short, but the lingering aroma had even my wife and dog impressed.

262 did not hit a grand slam, but a solo shot seems appropriate here. The construction was masterful, the burn was perfect and if I compliment the aroma one more time, I feel I may just overhype it. Great job 262! I can’t wait for the revolution to spread.

My Ratings:

Appearance - 10
Pre-light taste- 9
Construction - 9
Draw - 5
Burn - 10
Aroma - 10
Flavor - 9
Balance - 9
Finish- 10

Total Rating: 9.0

Remember guys and gals, there is nothing wrong with knowing you’re the best! Smoke and toast to the revolution!



p.s. In Texas, you can only find 262 Paradigm cigars at Bon Ton Roule ( or Pop's Safari Cigars and Fine Wines ( both located in Ft. Worth.

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