Friday, April 2, 2010

A Tale of Love

Wow, it certainly has been a good long while since I have picked up the keyboard and written down some of my thoughts. As some of you are aware, I got married recently. The ride has been awesome and finding my beautiful wife has been the most notable blessing of my life thus far. She puts up with me, laughs at my jokes, supports me in all my endeavors, loves me to no end, and best of all, appreciates my love for a good cigar.

So, here’s to my wife, the blessed angel that has decided to spend forever with me. I love you.

In the spirit of love, there is a story I have been itching to tell that displays and shows the powerful force of one cigar. For one cigar has most recently changed the life of my friend, Gary.

I haven’t known Gary for very long. In fact, he probably doesn’t even consider me a friend. He doesn’t have anything against me necessarily, but our bond is not deep.

I met Gary back in October 2009, yes, just six short months ago. We were attending a wedding of two of our mutual friends. In fact, both he and I were serving as members of the wedding party. The wedding was on Saturday and the bachelor party was Thursday night. We shared some conversation, got to know each other and then “it” happened. We all went back to the groom’s home, went outside to start a fire and light up some stogies.

I have to interrupt at this point and say what amazing smokes they were. Genuine Bolivar Havanas! This a smoke that every man should sample during his lifetime. The smoke was beautiful, flavorful and bountiful. The draw had the perfect pull. The flavor was unique, but not overwhelming. This was man’s heaven on earth, not to mention we had some homemade “chalk beer” to help cleanse the palate.

Anyway, back to “it.” Well, “it” happened. Gary, bless his heart, was unable to light his cigar.

“Are you kidding me Bear? What’s so “it” about that?”

Well, jackass, I was getting to that.

At the time, he was the butt of some teasing, but we really didn’t think much of it. Fast forward to the next evening when we were all at the wedding rehearsal and dinner. The time has come to introduce the next player in our little story- Tash.

Tash is short for Natasha and it is neither here nor there, but there it is anyway. I, as others too, have made the observation that while Natasha’s name is unique, exotic and beautiful, Gary’s name is serious, direct, and concise. It is of my expressed opinion that Gary should change his name to Tristan, Romeo, or Donatello. Nothing over-the-top, but something with zing and flair.

Tash was a bridesmaid and I would say grabbed our leading man’s attention rather quickly. I shouldn’t take all the credit at assessing this. A blind man from Detroit was also in attendance and he was the one who first noticed.

The evening progressed with exceptional enjoyment. The rehearsal went flawlessly, the hors d’vers were delicious, and the company was perfect.

Only one thing was missing: A perfect cigar to cap off the evening. After the crowd had died down a bit, the gentleman and some of the ladies proceeded outside to indulge in some prized puros that I had brought. All the men, including Gary, accepted my gift and we all lit up. Well most of us…

For all his trying and all his might, Gary could not get a fire going at the end of his stick (insert that’s what she said joke here). We proceeded to tease and goad him as guys tend to do. Even some of the women joined in, including Tash.

After what seemed like an hour, probably closer to ten minutes, Gary was still sweating out an attempt to light his cigar when all of a sudden…

Let me just interrupt again to say that while some people have blamed me for giving Gary a poorly constructed cigar, I harbor no ill will towards those individuals. I gave Gary a wonderful smoke. And if anything, he should be thanking me…

I digress.

Gary was taking in so much air trying to light his cigar he could have deflated a hot-air balloon. Just when all hope was lost and everything seemed hopeless, a fair maiden came to the rescue.


Tash grabbed the cigar and lighter out of Gary’s mouth and hands and perfectly lit the cigar with little hesitation. The crowd roared in applause. All made sense again.

Tash smiled. Gary puffed. We laughed.

Thus, a beginning was born. They are getting married this summer.

So, here’s to the happy couple. A Blue Label Robusto may have had nothing to do it with it. After all, you can’t stop fate. However, I am pompous enough to think that it’s all on me.

All joking aside: Congratulations Tash and Gary! I wish you  two all the happiness in the world.

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