Friday, December 4, 2009

"Cigar smoking knows no politics. It's about the pursuit of pleasure, taste, and aroma." - Anonymous

The truth about this quote, although we would all love it to be true, is that it is utterly and completely false. These days Cigar smoking is, if anything, political.

This last February, President Obama signed into law the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) paving the way for at least 4 million children to have health coverage that they could not have otherwise been eligible for. Most of you know where this is going and before everyone labels me as a monster, please hear me out. This bill does a lot of great things and will provide health care to families that otherwise couldn't afford it. What is the downside? The funding for this program has come strictly from a tax implemented on the tobacco industry. In fact, it has implemented what amounts to an "import" tax on American tobacco. Yeah, you read that right, an import tax on a domestic product.

"So, what are you saying Bear? You want millions of kids to get sick and have no care?" Well, those who know me know that is the furthest from the truth. My argument is to spread the tax to many products, goods, and services. How about smacking the strip bars with a 10% tax increase this year to pay for children's health care. Sound better to you? It does to me.

Look, like I said before, I am not opposed to this bill, but I am opposed to singling out something to pay for it. Just as in my first post, it is not fair or just to single out a particular part of anything. This country has traditionally been about a level playing field. Is it always? No. In many cases, not by a long shot.

I will end with this; if my cigar costs more because of anything, I am GLAD that it is going towards a noble cause like this one. However, next time Mr. President, let's spread the wealth around a bit, ok? Besides, every American knows that you are not paying for your two-pack-a-day habit.

What's that? You cut it down to one pack per day?

Well, he would wouldn't he? Even though he may not pay for his cigarettes, at least he helped out the American tax payer by cutting that expense by 50%.

All sarcasm aside, I promise that a majority of my posts will not be this polarizing and negative. This blog is about the good life and I intend to spread the word, but not at the expense of ignoring what is going on around me.

Tonight I indulged in a La Aurora Leoninos Robusto. A savory cigar from the oldest, most respected factory in the Dominican Republic. In fact, this was the very first cigar to don the incredible Corojo wrapper, that everyone knows I am a huge fan of. For the uninitiated, the Corojo leaf is indigenous to the Dominican Republic and is the best thing to come out of the country since David "Big Papi" Ortiz was born. The corojo is famous for its dense, thick texture and rich flavor. The filler is another brilliant trifecta: Cuban-seed Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Bahia. The reviews I've read claim this to be a medium that finishes full-bodied. I'll set the record straight for you. It is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT full body. It starts with a savory cedar pre-light and front, followed by a palate pleasing cumulus smoke and bouquet filled with ample flavor and spice. I smoked mine from foot to nub with no bitterness in sight or smell. The '89' rating that it received back in the day is well deserved if not underrated.

As always guys and gals, I am much obliged and grateful for your opinions and critiques of my work. Thanks goes out to the first viewers and followers. Keep your chin up and just like before, there is nothing wrong with knowing you are the best.




  1. Great job so far. I follow a few of my favorite CNN anchors, and stumbled on this post a few weeks after it was written in May of 09. Thought it might be of interest here...

    Anyways, there are a lot of different opinions on this. But I seem to come out on the side that says "enough is enough." The biggest problem for me is that the government in effect is acting like a moral compass. Let me decide what's healthy or unhealthy. Is eating McDonalds four times a week much healthier? Are we going to have a fat-tax next? A line must be drawn, in my opinion.

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